Crypto asset portfolio management for institutions

Interchange enables institutions to automatically track their crypto asset portfolio performance, monitor risk, and generate reports for stakeholders

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Portfolio insights

Interchange provides real-time insights into portfolio performance and risk. Evaluate performance on a macro and micro level: for the whole fund, or granular views into strategies, assets, or positions.

Eliminate tedious operation

Create audit-ready financial and operational data viewable to stakeholders through granular permissioning. Reduce operational risks and improve compliance readiness.

Real-time reporting

Generate reports for internal and external stakeholders such as fund managers, LPs, administrators, auditors, and regulators.

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How Interchange works

Data Aggregation

Interchange automatically synchronizes history from exchange accounts, as well as on and off-chain transactions.


Imported data is translated into a standard format to eliminate inconsistencies and produce a clean source-of-truth.


Interchange uses the normalized data to map out a consolidated history of trades and transaction flows.


Portfolio metrics are visualized in powerful, yet ease-to use dashboards and customizable reports.

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